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Sew Oiseau is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and offers reconstructed wool clothing for women and children.


Every Sew Oiseau article of clothing consists of at least 90% recycled fibre pieces, predominately wool or wool blend knits. Each item begins in the remnants of recycled clothing, which are cut, then pieced together with a serger and reinforced with machine sewing. All designs are original. Sew Oiseau goods are made with care and attention to detail and are indended for growing, working, playing families.

Sew Oiseau works mainly with wool because, well frankly, it's amazing. It's warm yet still breathable and therefore adaptable to more than one season. It's naturally antibacterial which means it seldom needs washing. It doesn't take up odours like other fibres. When it does need to be washed, hand washing with a mild detergent (so as not to strip the natural oils) and line drying is recommended.

Wool is also highly absorbant, which, in the case of diaper covers and baby pants, is essential. Thicker wool is chosen in these cases. However, for baby wear that is worn directly against the skin, only the softest wool or wool cashmere blends are used. If you have any questions about wool or wool care, contact


Amaryah deGroot began making books and in 2003, started she weaves!, a small book binding press. Designing the book covers quickly took precedence since they offered more opportunities to experiment with printing, transferring techniques and all kinds of fibre arts. Fibre eventually won Amaryah’s heart and, after learning more about sewing, weaving, felting, and spinning, she began making and selling reconstructed clothing. In 2008, she weaves! was reborn as sew oiseau.

Custom Orders

Custom orders welcome! Because many of the pieces are constructed from recycled materials, colour, structure and fibre will vary and may be limited in supply. If you have something in mind, please visit for similar pieces or email with your request. Local shoppers are more than welcome to visit the studio in person.


Sew Oiseau accepts used clothing, particularly that with a high percentage of wool content. Please email if you have items to donate.